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Get excited for the 2024 NCAA Collegiate Basketball Tournament, a chance to win some money,

and help us raise funds to save lives all at the same time! Join our bracket challenge!

Don't know anything about basketball? Don't worry! You can even auto populate your brackets!

The cost for participating in this contest is $15 per bracket, or you may purchase 3 brackets for $40.

There is no cap to the number you can submit (however, if you would like to purchase more than 10, please let us know). Payment accepted via Venmo or Paypal/credit card (see the "entry fees" info below for details).

Here is how it will work:


Like a 50/50 raffle, half of all funds raised will benefit the Young Hearts Foundation.

For the remaining half, the winnings will be broken down as follows:

1st place: 70% of pot

2nd place: 20% of pot

3rd place: 10% of pot

Join our bracket pool here
Brackets are available for you to complete starting March 17th around 8:00 pm EDT.
All bracket submissions are due prior to the tipoff of the first game of the tournament on March 21 at noon EDT.

Cost to participate: $15/bracket, or 3 brackets for $40.

All entry fees must be received by Monday, March 25.

Any participants who have not paid will not be eligible to win the bracket challenge prize(s).

Payment methods:

via Venmo @YoungHeartsFoundation

(shows as “Young Hearts, Inc.” & listed under “Charities”)
please include “Bracket Challenge” and your participant(s)’s name in the comment

via Paypal or Credit Card 

(shows as “Young Hearts, Inc.”)

or via the “donate” button on the Young Hearts website (
please include “Bracket Challenge” and your participant(s)’s name in the comment


Questions? Contact our volunteers at

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