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Community Outreach

Blanket Fairfax

In celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Ryan McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament, we honored Mary Angelo's dedication to the fight against blood cancers by raising enough funds to provide a blanket to each newly diagnosed pediatric blood cancer patient in Fairfax County for one year. Due to the overwhelming response we received, we are now extending this effort and expanding our goal!


Our new goal is to “Blanket Fairfax” by offering a super soft and huggable blanket - similar to the blanket that provided Ryan comfort during his hospital stays - to each newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patient (any kind of cancer!) in the DC Metro Area.


Hospital rooms are small and often offer little stimulation for kids. So, Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets were created! With over 60 interactive games, they provide a space for kids to explore, play, learn, sleep, and heal. The Young Hearts are especially thrilled to partner with Playtime Edventures to provide sheet sets to pediatric cancer patients in the DC area - to not only aid with interactive play, but also to give patients an easy icebreaker for when their friends come to visit. Learn more about Playtime Edventures, the creator of these wonderful sheets, on their website.

Join the Young Hearts in providing Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets to pediatric cancer patients in the greater DC area!


SNack Packs

After meeting with the Child Life staff at Children's National Hospital, the Young Hearts determined that it would be most helpful if we could provide "snack packs" to pediatric oncology patients and the family members who sit by their side. Many of these patient families are members of an underserved community. They are frequently spending nights in the hospital and/or countless hours in the outpatient clinic with only vending machines and the cafeteria offering limited and costly options for snacks and refreshments.

Join our efforts to provide free "snack packs" to these patients and families - donate pre-packaged shelf-stable snacks (juice boxes, granola bars, chips, crackers, cookies, etc.) or grocery gift cards. Contact us for more information or to arrange drop off/pick up:

New Initiatives

Do you have an idea or new way for the Young Hearts to support local youth and families affected by life-altering illness? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us:

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