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International Night 2021

By Karina Gonzalez

Every year, Woodson’s Culture Club hosts an International Night where students of various ethnic backgrounds come together to share food, culture, and fun. In a typical year, the event would start off with a potluck involving a wide variety of foods provided by students and local businesses. Then, the doors to the auditorium would open where students and community members would participate in the fashion show and exciting performances ranging from hip-hop to poetry. This year, however, is no typical International Night.

With COVID-19 guidelines to follow, International Night is currently in the process of transitioning to a virtual event. Culture Club, administration, and various other Woodson clubs are working together to host a night of fun and culture, like years before. While in previous years, the event required weeks of in-person preparation, officers are planning strict guidelines and capacity limitations in the auditorium in order to keep the participants as safe as possible. As of now, Culture Club officers are planning a video that is hoped to be ready to stream online by March of this year. Both the site and date of streaming are to be determined. While almost everything will be pre-recorded for the night of the stream, International Night will still hold the magic that makes it so special.

There are many ways to get involved. Events include cooking segments, a fashion show to display cultural attire, dance performances, trivia, and much more! The event is open to both Woodson students and members of the community who are willing to share aspects of their culture. Have more ideas or want to participate? Fill out the form in @wtwfortheculture ‘s Instagram bio or by contacting the officers of Culture Club at wtwfortheculture@gmail.com.

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