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Young Heart's Scavenger Hunt

Amidst a COVID-19 summer, how did the Young Heart’s first LTN fundraiser go?

On August 8th promptly at 3:30, the Young Hearts' Hunt For A Cure began when participants raced to find predetermined items on a list in order to have 100% of the funds raised allocated to their LTN page.

Items that participants had to find around their community ranged from easy items you could find at a traffic light (out of state license plate, yellow car, delivery van) to more recent items that have been popping up around the neighborhoods (thank you sign for essential workers, businesses with Covid-19 related signs). Below are Team B, Team Demillion, and Team Flamingoes pictured next to several items that were on the list.

At 4:23 pm, the race has ended and results were in. Team Ravenpuffs, a family in North Carolina, had completed and won the scavenger hunt with the Team Fett Family and Team Nutmeg finishing closely behind. Team Ravenpuffs had submitted their last picture at 4:18 pm meaning they completed the scavenger hunt of 20 items in 48 minutes!

Bonus winners from the scavenger hunt include Team Flamingoes for most creative photos for their incorporated shirt and mask in their photos, Team B for the happiest photos with their biggest smiles, and Rockin Ropers with the best team name!

The scavenger hunt was well-received by its participants ranging from Woodson students in the Young Hearts to family friends in North Carolina. Taylor Shea, a member of the Rockin Roper’s team states,

“my favorite part was watching Jessica get out of the car to pose in front of the Amazon truck.”

Vivian Jung, a member of one of the teams, says

“My favorite part of the scavenger hunt was feeling the adrenaline running through my veins while driving.”

Naiya Caraang, Vivian Jung’s team member, also adds,

”My favorite part was being able to find the things quickly and participating with a friend.”

Overall, the Young Hearts' Hunt for a Cure Scavenger Hunt was a successful event involving 11 teams and over 33 participants who raised $70 dollars towards Light the Night. The Young Hearts are now $70 closer to our fundraising goal of $40,000!

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